Why Tyson?

The Tyson electric bike features a uni-body design with a magnesium frame for higher quality and safety. It runs up to 55 miles with a 750W motor. Tyson is here to offer you a comfortable and exciting riding experience in any condition.

Rider Review

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HeyBike Tyson - This E-bike is SWEET!

Ginger On Wheels

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I love this feature! ~ HEYBIKE TYSON Electric Bike Review.

Jeremiah Mcintosh

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Heybike Tyson E-bike the BEST Folder at CES2023!

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Unique Body

Tyson stands out with its unique uni-body design, incorporating a magnesium frame and full suspension system. It offers better quality, durability, and safety.

Durable Bike Frame
Shock-absorbing Full Suspension

Safety Certified Battery

Tyson has a Safety Certified Battery (UL2849 Standard) with a capacity of 720Wh. It provides long-lasting and reliable energy for extended rides and adventures.

Discover Tyson

1400W Peak Motor

Tyson features a robust 750W motor (peak 1400W), delivering impressive power and performance for conquering challenging terrains with ease.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The advanced hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable braking power for enhanced safety and control during your rides.

Full Suspension

Tyson boasts a full suspension system, ensuring a smooth ride by absorbing bumps and vibrations on various terrains.

400 lbs Payload Capacity

Tyson offers a great 400 lbs payload capacity, giving riders ample support for heavy loads.

Folding Frame

The folding design allows for easy storage and transportation, making Tyson a good choice for urban commuting or outdoor traveling.

4A Fast Charger

The 4A fast charger takes 4-5 hours to charge the bike, saving you much time.

App Connection

Connect your bike with the Heybike smart app for convenient control of the bike.

Shimano 7-speed Gear Shift System

Tyson features a Shimano 7-speed gear shift system for smooth and precise gear changes, enhancing your riding experience.



Uni-Body Design & Magnesium Frame, removable lithium-ion battery, rear rack included


Hydraulic Suspension Front Fork

Hub rear

Brushless geared hub motor, 80Nm, 750W/1400W Peak Motor

Tire Construction

Unibody design, 20"x4.0" Fat Tires

E-system & Drivetrain

UL 2271 Recognized 48V 15Ah


48V 4A

Display Capability

4G Mobile App Sync

Rear Derailleur

Shimano 7 speed


LED, headlight and taillight



Rear Rack

Included, Max Load: 120 lbs

Weight & Dimensions

35 kg / 77 lbs

Weight limit

Maximum total weight limit (combined weight of rider and cargo) of 400 pounds (181 kg).

Folded Dimensions

38.2*36.2*24.4 inch

Unfolded Dimensions

68.9*24*47 inch

What's In The Box

  • Tyson

  • Charger

  • User Manual

  • Toolkit Box

  • Keys

FAQs - Tyson

What Terrains Can I Ride My Tyson In?

The ability to ride in all-terrain is one of the benefits of fat-tire electric bikes, like the Tyson. There are virtually no roads that are off-limits with Tyson! Its 4-inch fat tires combine with 750Wh motor give riders outstanding traction on even the most troublesome terrain.

What Is The Superiority Of One-Piece Body?

The biggest advantage of one-piece injection molding technology is that the products are molded quickly, and the overall stability, as well as shaping the shape of the effect are better, so that the use of the product will be safer, the quality will be better, more in line with the scientific, safe use of the requirements and standards.

What Are the Advantages of One-Piece Wheel?

Pressure cushioning and shock resistance are better than spoked, while not easy to fatigue. Handlebars can be freely extended even on steep hills, so it is more suitable for mountain biking and cross-country travel.

Is Tyson's LCD Display The Latest Version?

Standard with TFT-LCD Display, clearer and supports 4G as well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 259 reviews
Boyd Leavitt

Not happy that it came with a front flat tire which would not hoid air pressure ( I had to patçh repair the tube). I sent a email to heybike support requesting a tube replacement but as usual I received no reply. I'm not impressed that it came with no name tires and a battery without a turnoff switch ,which comes with the ranger s bike. I regret not ordering two ranger s bikes which has a better seat , brand name tires ,easier battery acess with on off switch and a nicer diplay. The rear suspension was the reason for ordering the tyson, but a suspension seat post on the ranger s would be a better choice than the tyson. After peddle assist 3 in top gear ,pas 4 and 5 are pretty much useless even in top gear with speed governed at 20 mph . I'm dissapointed that I have to download the heybike app cause I can't change the factory default settings with the cotrol display. I prefer not to download and app that requires these changes to make my bike settings I would prefer

Ernest Alston
Heybike review

I luv the Heybike I’m very satisfied with it very well built & very powerful I have no complaints at all I would recommend this to anyone

Ricardo Jackson
Awesome bike

5 star review if you haven’t purchased one, what are you waiting for , get one now lol

Rodney Van Rycke Jr
It's a good bike.

The only problem I have is that the handlebars slip and turn away from the front tire. It has happened a couple times. Otherwise it's a good bike.

Derrick Stanton
Love the Tyson!

My wife and I bought two Tysons after some serious discussion and lots of research. I wanted a way for our family to get out of the house and outside more this spring. So we finally decided to do this. It’s an investment into our health and make our lifestyle a bit more active.
We have about 10 miles on our bikes at this point. I am constantly checking to make sure everything is in working order. Tightening things up so that our bikes are in good working order for every ride. People will scare you with all the reviews and negatives and when you spend $3000 on two bikes it’s intimidating and you ask yourself, did I do the right thing? For my family to be outside and exercising yes absolutely! We love our bikes. So far there have been no issues. I can’t say that for everyone, but I can say that for me. As for customer service, it’s a bit slow, but Leo has been very helpful on the questions I have had and so has the Facebook group. Join them as it’s a great way to get questions answered a little quicker. The only downfall I will say and it’s not a big deal, I wish the website would have mentioned the color choice was not in stock at the time. I would have waited but I didn’t know so I had to change my color at the last minute. My best advice, do your research, know what you’re buying. I believe as long as I take care of the bike it will take care of me. And I believe if I need to have warranty work Leo can help me out. Enjoy the ride.
What sold me on this bike is 1. It’s capabilities on where I can ride. I have lots of hills, dirt and weather. So I wanted the bike that would give me those options. 2. It folds up. Yep that was a huge selling point so my wife and I can take them places to ride. They are kind of heavy but solid. 3. Color options. So HeyBike you’ve been good so far. Please don’t let me down.
One last thing. Points are a thing. So even when you purchase your bike, you get points. Just ask for them. The app is a little cheesy but it works. Over all it’s a great bike.