Living in Florida, and enjoying e-bike riding, the Heybike Mars e-bike became part of Steve and his family's life.

The First Impression of Mars E-bike

After a knee operation surgery, though the operation is successful, Steve's leg needs therapy. During that period, Steve lost feeling in his left leg, and it can barely carry him. In this case, he thought of electric bikes and chose Heybike Mars for transportation and some therapy. But Mars's e-bike did not only help his recovery, making him stronger, but it is also excellent for transportation, bringing convenience and enriching their lives.

Daily Commute

Samantha, Steve's daughter, also loves to use the Mars e-bike. Samantha is a sophomore at American heritage. With the e-bike, Steve doesn't need to drive her to school. She can ride to school on her own. Living in the neighborhood, she also needs to go outside of the vineyard for shopping, eat, and hang out with friends. As the shopping mall is about a mile away from home, she used to ask her parents' permission to drive her there. But now, with Mars e-bike, she can ride to the shopping mall herself within a few minutes.

Beyond Your Limits with Heybike Mars

When Steve gets stressed out, he goes horseback riding. It brings him back to nature. And now the bike can do the same thing and does not eat that much. Steve usually rides the e-bike along the canal to have a sidewalk as well. With the bike's energy, it is fast and gets him up to about 20 mph. It is also simple to fold and put the bike in their SUV. Convenient for camping. 

He said that, he would recommend the bike to anyone who wants a bike with a lot of spirit, and wants to go places that they've never gone before. Like to the beach, the weeds, and off-roads like that. Mars has no problem with those road conditions and could help the riders go out of their limits!  

When riding the bike in the weed, Steve just dashes through the grass that is up to the middle of the tire. He would never put his foot on that group to prevent being bit by something. 

Steve and his family are living in the neighborhood. Near the neighborhood, there is a golf course and a lot of ponds in there. Samantha saw alligators in the ponds once she hung out with her friend. They were freaking out. Even though they live in Oklahoma for most of their lives, alligators are still horrible and make them panic. But thanks to the e-bike, Samantha pedaled as fast as she can. No one lost any limbs fingers or toes at that time.

E-bikes not only make their ride more enjoyable and convenient but also safer to get back to nature.

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