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Matthew Massie

I ordered a brawn rear rack and the picture on the official website didn't match what was sent to me (but it was the correct product) after talking to customer service. I told them I wasn't sent any of the mounting hardware but they didn't send any screws to me. I was just planning to install it when I find myself the right screws.

If anyone from customer service sees this can you please help send me the screws? Thanks.

Hi, Matthew. Thank you for your purchase. And sorry for the inconvenice we've caused. We've feedbacked your problem to our customer service colleagues, and they will contact you to help solve. Thank you again for the support of Heybike!

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Big Mike!!
Brawn rack

The sweetest rack ever at a very reasonable price!

Anthony Jackson
Rear rack

Great product, easy install, heavy duty cargo rack

Corey Stephens
Rear rack

Rack is nice but no instructions and 3 different size bolts. Figured it out eventually but there should be some basic instructions with it.

Damon Haynes
Great rack, but odd mounting

This rack is grate. It fits the bike styling and is plenty large enough for anything I can carry. My only hang up with it is the mounting. There are no dedicated holes in the rack to secure the rack 2 the bike. It is essentially pinched with the metal plates onto the bike. My bike is actually probably a little large for me and I have difficulty getting my legs over it. When the bike has tipped over well I try and get on it. The rack knocks loose and I have to reattach it. This became highly irritating when it was stolen off the back of the bike because it was not securely fit they wiggled it enough to where it just came off. I may have been doing something incorrectly, but I looked everywhere for a different way to mount it, and my method worked just fine for a while. Until it was stolen while it was in "wiggle mode" and not pinched down to the frame. I also did not expect a humanity to allow such things as such brazen