In this episode, we interviewed Andrew Ross in Temecula, CA. As a cargo pilot, he flies his Bush plane all over the United States. After getting his Heybike, Mars, he starts to expand the possibilities of the adventures that he can do and it’s made a huge difference.

A common competing bike or Heybike, practice will tell

Recently, Andrew and Mrs. Ross took the Heybike over to Catalina island, right off the coast of California. It’s about 35 miles long and right in the middle is the airport, of which the runway is flanked by cliffs. The Heybike has enabled them to land there, travel 10 miles on a windy gravel and bumpy asphalt road into town, ride around town, enjoy the sights, have a meal and then also get back to the airport, which is another 10 miles up climbing 1600 feet up to the level of the airport. And the Heybike can not only handle the bumps with the great suspension and the fat tires, but has the battery capacity and the speed to make that trip not only possible but enjoyable.

In contrast, the other bike they were carrying, a common competing bike, couldn’t handle the trip at all. The ride was rough, Mrs. Ross ran out of battery power of the common competing bike, and then Andrew was just having a great time on the Heybike. And he said there’s another Heybike in their future. 
Heybike - the best partner on all the adventures, whether it’s hot or cold

The things Andrew loves about the Heybike is the fact that it’s powerful, has a lot of range, and can carry a lot of loads, and the suspension really makes the ride great, which is an experience at a lot of places that he is able to fly. There are a lot of rough roads, and backcountry, it’s just nature. But the Heybike can handle all of that, whether it’s hot or cold, whether Andrew lands in death valley or at Birchwood Airport in Alaska.
Heybike dramatically changes how much a plane can be used, for fun and adventure, for rescue and safety.
Lets go further for more adventure

Andrew said, "I’m really excited about the future of the adventures that we’re going to have with a combination of the plane and the bike. It’s really become a combination that made adventures possible that haven’t been able to be done at all before. These planes have been flying for decades, bikes have existed since uh before flying, but the combination of an e-bike with the United States freedom flying and these small airplanes allows like I said adventures that weren’t possible before. You can land in backcountry strips and go deep into nature. You don’t have to be in amazing shape, because the Heybike will get there as fast and comfortable as you feel. So I’m really looking forward to taking on a lot more adventures and I can’t wait to share my stories."

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