In this episode, we interviewed Clifford Woolfork in Dayton, Ohio. He survived from stroke, and for a better recovery, he combined golf and e-bike riding in his rehab program. Amazingly, it worked, and he recovered via the method he loves!

Surviving from Stroke
In the beginning, after surviving from stroke, Clifford lost the use of his right side and could not speak. Others may think it is just flu or a common illness. But internally, Clifford struggled every day. Even things as easy as stand, walking and riding got accomplishments for him. Luckily, Clifford did not need to be on a feeding tube, but he had to have intensive rehab. During the nights in the hospital, Clifford has always been awake as there is no quiet time in the hospital, and he was caught by Steve's website and studied a lot about e-bikes and golf. And among the e-bikes, Heybike Ranger, recommended by Steve, had all the amenities and met all his needs, and had the proper equipment to carry the golf bag. In that case, under a prescription from the doctor, Clifford decided to ride an e-bike and play golf for rehabilitation.
Combine Golf and Riding for Rehabitation with Ranger
For per charge of Ranger, it is capacity for his ride to the golf course, ride during the golf course and then ride home. Also, its weight and speed are not as heavy and fast as a motorcycle, which means safer to him since riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous due to the traffic, the speed, and weight. With the Ranger, Clifford can simply get it in and out of the garage. He doesn't need to fire it up and let it warm up, but just turn it on and go for his ride.
Keep Healthy and Active
Usually, the recovery process would not be a pleasure. But as Clifford increasingly recovered, he also enjoyed his ride and the scenery passed by him. "Rehab is monotonous, golfing isn't, bicycling isn't," said Clifford. The more he rides, the more he sees, and the more he experiences. Ride back to nature, he smells the odour of the fresh-cut grass and the flowers that he used to have to go 400 or 500 miles to get that kind of enjoyment. Enjoys the wind in the speed and has fun playing golf. E-bike and golf make his rehabilitation not monotonous, but make him healthy and active.

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