Are you eager to use an e-bike for a wind-swept ride? We can relate to it. But learn which e-bike best suits your lifestyle before making your first buy. Knowing the kinds of e-bikes available on the market is the first step to selecting an e-bike. We will examine the complete guide on varieties of e-bikes in this blog.

What are the Different Styles of Electric Bikes?

E-bikes are available in many styles, which mimic traditional bike kinds. To get you started, consider the following popular styles of e-bikes:

Fat Tire E-bikes

Would you like to increase the fun and excitement of riding an e-bike? Then you should get an electric fat bike, often known as an electric fat bike. These beauties come in many frame types to suit riding purposes. These bikes have 4 inches wider tires. A fat bike can ride on sandy beaches or through icy terrain. It has bigger tires, which allow it to float on top rather than sink.

Folding E-bikes

E-bikes that fold up for convenient storage and transportation are popular. Many riders who travel and wish to store their bikes find folding e-bikes an excellent option. The folding bike usually has a sturdy hinge at the middle of the frame tube that you unclip to fold the e-bike. Several folding e-bikes have integrated batteries to keep the battery out of sight. These help with balance and even weight distribution.

Mountain E-bikes (e-MTBs)

Mountain e-bikes are ideal for adventurers who like to explore off-road routes. They have flat handlebars and wide tires to help riders on rough terrain. Added characteristics like knobby tires are part of their off-road design. The rider can manage steep inclines with the help of powerful motors and knobby tires. Many mountain electric bikes have long-lasting batteries that can provide you extra power. Some are more adaptable since they also feature a throttle. It enables the user to activate the electric motor without pedaling.

Cargo E-bikes

Package delivery and grocery shopping are the specialties of cargo electric bikes. They have elements incorporated into them that will increase the carriage capacity. The extended wheelbase of the e-bikes enhances stability when carrying large loads. Cargo bikes can carry more weight and are sometimes used to transport small loads. You can use cargo e-bikes to ride uphill or over long distances while carrying big loads.

City E-bikes

City e-bikes are best for avoiding traffic and crowded commuter transportation in the city. It provides you with an electrical aid and a comfortable seating posture.

Cruiser E-bikes

Cruiser e-bikes are best for riding on level surfaces such as bike lanes and asphalt roadways. Their wide tires and suspension systems lessen the shock to the seat and front fork.

Hybrid E-bikes

The goal of this category is to go fast and far. Hybrid e-bikes are ideal for traveling around town, working, or working out. These rapid e-bikes usually have the highest range of 28 mph. You can maneuver through traffic with ease. You will not have to worry about struggling to find a spot when you get to work or in some situations. Many of these versions have a rack to hold your laptop, groceries, or even an extra set of clothes. Additionally, some bikes have lighting systems built straight into the electrical framework.

What Kind of Motor Should I Get?

Hub Drive Motors

Rear hub drive motors come in two varieties:

  • Direct Drive

Great for enjoyment, exercise, and transportation. It is ideal for most slopes, not "steep" hills. It is best for high-speed, level trips.

  • Geared Hub

Ideal for climbing steep hills and towing big loads! It functions well for all purposes, including entertainment, exercise, and commuting. If the battery runs out, this motor pedals effectively.

Mid-Drive Motors

One of the most crucial e-bike components is the motor. Mid-drive motors are the long-lasting and most efficient motors. They are great for hills, distance, speed, commuting, and exercise. These motors provide outstanding handling characteristics for e-bikes. They are light and have a low center of gravity. The one disadvantage is that a mid-drive motor may cost more than a hub-drive motor.

Canadian Electric Bike Rules

The following are the general rules for electric bikes in all Canadian provinces:

  • Motors can only produce 500W of power. They can only move at 32 km/h speed on flat ground.
  • E-bikes must have steering handlebars and fully functional pedals. Disengage the motor when the rider stops pedaling. The battery cannot operate the bike alone.
  • It is not allowed to change the bike's motor to achieve speeds higher than 32 km/h (20 miles/h).
  • The official terminology for an e-bike is "power-assisted bicycle" (PAB) or assist bicycle. This is only applicable to electric motor-assistance bicycles.
  • When riding an e-bike, all riders must wear a helmet, whether it is for a bicycle or a motorbike. The labeling of the e-bike must state that it complies with all state and federal regulations.
  • An attached electric motor is essential for an e-bike classification.
  • Each province in Canada also has electric bike rules by province. Follow all the provincial rules while riding to stay safe.

What is the Best Electric Bike for Me?

The best method to select the ideal e-bike for you is to approach the process. Follow the process like you would when choosing a traditional bicycle. Determine which bike category is appropriate for you. Modern e-bike manufacturers are aware of the specific needs of the riders. They know the motor and battery requirements of each bike category. So, if your bicycle meets your needs, has the motor and batteries that are appropriate and are best, buy it.

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to consider your needs, talents, and money before buying an electric bike. Pick an e-bike type that suits your tastes and when selecting a particular model. Pay special attention to the motor, battery, and pedal assist systems. Do not forget about following the rules of your province. Try it out on a ride and read user feedback wherever workable when buying a bike.

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