Best Ebike Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales on Heybike 2023

Black Friday is quickly approaching, and Heybike has incredible prices on the top-of-the-line e-bikes! We have created a list of the best ebike Black Friday deals of 2023 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) so you can make informed decisions while saving a lot of money. Heybike has the perfect e-bikes for you, whether you are searching for a commuter bike to help you beat traffic or a mountain bike to explore the great outdoors.

Heybike e-bikes are well-known for its powerful motors, long-lasting batteries, and sturdy construction. It also has amenities that make riding easier, like comfy seats, adjustable handlebars, and brilliant headlights.

Join Heybike's current e-bike lineup and fulfill your needs. It also offers some mind-blowing Black Friday discounts. The good news is that you can save an additional C$50 if you buy two e-bikes from 11.23 to 11.29.

Best Fat Tire E-bike Black Friday Deal

Off-road adventures require a sturdy bike with high-quality components at an affordable price. The Heybike Explore and Heybike Brawn are fat tire electric bikes for riding on challenging terrain with a powerful motor.

1. Brawn Ebike(Save C$600)

Regular Price: C$2,599
Black Friday Price: C$1999
Free fenders &rear rack

best deal for Brawn fat tire ebike

The Heybike Brawn is an all-terrain electric fat bike that is best for riding on any terrain, from city streets to mountain trails. It has a strong motor and a long-range battery, allowing you to ride further and discover more.

Top Feature

Range/Battery Capacity: 65 Miles/864Wh
Top speed: 28 mph
Motor: 750W
PAS modes: 0-5
Brake: Mechanical
Payload:400 lbs

2. Explore Ebike(Save C$300)

Regular Price: C$2,799
Black Friday Price: C$2,499
Best deal for Explore long range ebike
The Heybike Explore is a long-range electric bike perfect for covering far greater distances without worrying about running out of battery with a comfortable seat for a relaxed ride.

Top Feature

Range/Battery Capacity: 70 Miles/960Wh
Top speed: 28mph
Motor: 750W
PAS modes: 0-5
Brake: Mechanical
Payload:400 lbs

Best Foldable Ebike Black Friday Deal

We have the appropriate solutions for you to search for a compact companion for your next excursion or a speedy method to slip into the saddle and get going. There are many amazing Black Friday deals. These folding ebikes are a great pick for anyone looking for an electric bike to commute to work.

1. Mars E-bike(Save C$500)

Regular Price: C$1899
Black Friday Price: C$1,399

Best deal for Mars folding fat tire e-bike

Heybike Mars is the best Seller of Folding Ebike. This foldable, fun frame is best for RVers and provides a smooth ride that can go anywhere.

Top Feature

Range/Battery Capacity: 50 Miles/600Wh
Top speed: 20mph
Motor: 500W
PAS modes: 0-3
Brake: Mechanical
Payload: 330 lbs

2. Ranger E-bike (Save C$500)

Regular Price: C$2,199
Black Friday Price: C$1,699
Best deal for Ranger folding electric bike
The Heybike Ranger is a multi-purpose folding electric bike that can be used for everything from commuting to running errands to exploring the outdoors.

Top Feature

Range/Battery Capacity: 65 Miles/720Wh
Top speed:25 mph
Motor: 500W
PAS modes: 0-3 Brake: Mechanical
Payload: 330 lbs

3. Tyson E-bike(Save C$300)

Regular Price: C$2,499
Black Friday Price: C$2,199
Best deal for Tyson folding ebike
The award-winning ebike Tyson has a unique frame design with complete suspension and an exceptional load capacity thanks to its magnesium frame.

Top Feature

Range/Battery Capacity: 55 Miles/720Wh
Top speed: 28 mph Motor: 750W
PAS modes: 0-5
Brake: Hydraulic
Payload: 400 lbs

Best Commuter Ebike Black Friday Deal

A city commuter e-bike keeps you out of traffic and shortens your commute time. With this incredible commuter ebike Black Friday deals, you can change the way you move around for less. Choose between Heybike Cityrun, Sola, and Cityscape to save money at the pump. With Heybike, you can get better quality bicycling at a lower cost.

1. Cityrun Ebike(Save C$500)

Regular Price: C$2,299
Black Friday Price: C$1,799
Best deal for Cityrun commuter ebike
Cityrun is one of the top e-bikes on the market today due to its combination of power, style, and convenience. Designed to improve the efficiency and enjoyment of your urban commute.

Top Feature

Range/Battery Capacity: 65 Miles/720Wh
Top speed: 21 mph
Motor: 500w
PAS modes: 0-5
Brake: Hydraulic
Payload: 350 lbs

2. Sola Ebike(Save C$600)

Regular Price: C$2,099
Black Friday Price: C$1,499

Best deal for sola step-over electric bike

Heybike Sola electric bike is the best blend of power, agility, and durability for an appealing commuting experience.

Top Feature

Range/Battery Capacity: 60 Miles/576Wh
Top speed: 20 mph
Motor: 500W
PAS modes: 0-5
Brake: Mechanical
Payload: 300 lbs

3. Cityscape Ebike(Save C$500)

Regular Price: C$1,499
Black Friday Price: C$999
black friday deal for Cityscape commuter ebike

Heybike's Cityscape commuter e-bike is lightweight, elegant, and specifically intended for commuters. It is a low-cost entry-level cruiser electric bike that will make your commute easier and faster.

Top Feature

Range/Battery Capacity: Up to 40 Miles/360Wh
Top speed: 19 mph
Motor: 350W
PAS modes: 0-3
Brake: Mechanical
Payload: 264 lbs


Select the correct e-bike for a pleasant, fun, and efficient ride. That is why examine your and your family's specific needs and lifestyle. Heybike has a wide range of e-bikes, so you find the one you are looking for!

Take advantage of Heybike's incredible Black Friday best deal this year and make the best decision for you and your family. There is no better time to buy a Heybike than now!

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