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"Cityspace is entry-level cruiser e-bike with great features for the price. An approachable, fun e-bike for everyone."

-Electric Revolution

"Cityscape - Tons of features. Lots of value for your money."


Meet the Heybike Cityscape

Highlights of Cityscape

Low-Step Frame Design

Front Suspension Fork

Multifunction Display

3-Level Pedal Assist Mode
Shimano 7-Speed

Removable 36V 10Ah Battery

350W Brushless Motor

Up to 25 miles(Pure electric)
Up to 40miles (Pedal assist)

Efficient Brushless Motor

The geared hub motor provides a smooth and quiet ride. It has lots of torque for starting from a standstill and climbing hills. Thanks to the high-resolution 12-magnet cadence sensor taking off and stopping are predictable and easy to control.

350 W

Motor Capacity

19 mph

Top Speed

Specialized Removable Battery

With 36V/10AH large capacity battery, max travel range up to 25 miles under pure electric mode and 40 miles in pedal-assisted mode. Quick removable modular battery lets you charge the battery pack on or off the frame. The battery of Heybike Cityscape ebike has also a lock to keep your battery safe. 

Thanks to the USB port you can charge your electronics on the go and never get caught with an empty battery

Note: Ensure the key is in the unlock position before removing the battery of the mount.

360 Wh

Battery Capacity



5-6 Hours

Charging Time 

Multifunction Display

Backlight display provides speed, mileage, power, etc information.

Battery Capacity

A fuel gauge for your electrons.


Calculate how many miles you ride.


View the current average speed or speed


Displays motor power output in real-time.

Shimano 7-Speed

A wider range of gearing at your disposal means more torque for the treacherous uphill climb and maintain pedal authority at top speed. The cogs are nickel coated, which makes them rust-resistant and a lot smoother to shift.

Dual Lights & Brakes System

Dual-disc brakes that you can adjust to your liking. Comes with integrated headlight and brake light! The headlight offers a bright 270 lumen center beam and a unique LED circle to keep you seen.

3 Working Modes

Pure electric mode & Intelligent 3 level pedal assist mode and manual mode (pedaling) mean that you will be ready for all road conditions.

Strong Kickstand

The kickstand stops your ebike from falling. It easily supports the weight of the bike. (Bike Weight 58.4 lbs(26.5kg), Max Load 264 lbs (120kg)

Comfortable Damping Seat

A comfortable and adjustable seat combined with shock absorption makes your ride feel both smooth and firm.

Large bike rack

Attach panniers, platforms, or baskets and let the bike carry your cargo.

USB Charging Port

Charge your electronics like mobile phones using the bike's USB port on the go and never get caught with an empty battery.

High-Visibility LED

The headlight offers a bright 270-lumen center beam and a unique LED circle that makes you visible for others.







Customer Reviews

Based on 761 reviews
Really nice bike...

This is a a great looking bike and was easy to assemble. The ride is also nice and is perfect for cruising/riding around.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for their first e-bike.

Rick Weaver
Best E-Bike Ever

I've had my Heybike Cityscape for a little more than a year now and I couldn't be happier with it. It has so many great options for switching from manual to power-assist or just electric and is extremely well made. It's very comfortable and I love taking it out for my morning rides every day! Thank you Heybike!!!

Kevin Yancey
Best Bike for the Value and Fun

I was amazed a the quality of this bike right out of the box. Assembly was very easy and I had my bike together in less than 20 minutes. All very high quality components. As a senior (70 years Old), I have biked my whole life and had several high end bicycles. This is one of the best bikes I have experienced and a great value. The support staff at Heybike are excellent. My finance got the same bike and we were able to adjust for her 5"2" height and my 6 foot height
.I love the break light and the power assist on the hills. The controls are very easy to use. I just love this bike.

Barbara Ballard
A senior biking up hills again

I'm a 68 year old woman who hadn't ridden a bike in years until I got my Heybike Cityscape. My 70-year-old fiance had it together in no time. He was able to adjust the bike for me (5'2" person) with a different seat post from Heybike and by flipping the handlebar stem so it was easier for me to reach the handlebars. The bike is a quality product, perfect for bicycling the many hills of Southern Indiana. The staff at Heybike are wonderful.

Tonya Rodgers
Love it

My bike is exactly what I hoped it would be

Riding Range Test | Cityscpae

Max Range: 25 miles(pure electric) / 40 miles(pedal assist)

*Note: Throttle Max Range tests are calculated using PAS 1 with a rider weight of 165 lbs on flat terrain. Throttle speed and range may vary if ridden in different conditions.

What is an electric cruiser bike?

Cruiser biker has advantages in its simple, easy, and stable riding. It is perfect for your daily commute, sightseeing in a town, and your weekend shopping way to the mall.

What size cruiser bike do I need?

No matter it is a cruiser bike or another kind of bike, the size you need depends on the height you are. And the recommended height of Heybike Cityscape is 5'5"-6'5".

I weigh 330lbs, will I be too heavy to ride?

Unfortunately, as the max load capacity of Heybike Mars is 264 lbs, if you weigh 330 lbs, it would be too heavy to ride it. Please note that the max load for rear rack is 100 lbs.

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