Convenient, eco-friendly electric bikes are on-trend in Ontario. But it is critical to know Ontario electric bike laws before you start to ride. Let’s look at an overview of the current legal status of electric bikes in Ontario, where you can ride, the licensing requirements, and the benefits.

Understanding the Legal Status of eBikes in Ontario

E-bikes are more like traditional bicycles than motorcycles under Ontario law, but there are some key differences.

Ebike Definition

Electric bikes in Ontario are defined as a bicycle that:

  • Has 2 or 3 wheels and pedals like a typical non-motorized bicycle.
  • Adds an electric motor with no more than a power output of 500W.
  • Can’t go over 32 km/h (20mph) on level ground using only the motor.

Electric bikes in Ontario are treated like traditional bicycles and not as motor vehicles, making them more accessible with fewer regulations.

E-Bike Regulations in Ontario

Ontario electric bike laws ensure safety and proper use by requiring:

  • Riders are at least 16 years old.
  • All riders wear mandatory helmets.
  • The pedals are fully operational (so you can ride like a traditional bicycle.)
  • The motor stops assisting when the ebike reaches the maximum speed of 32 km/h (20mph).
  • Ontario electric bike laws prohibit riding on sidewalks and follow the same rules as traditional bicycles.

Where You Can Legally Ride an E-Bike in Ontario

You can legally ride an e-bike in Ontario on:

  • Any road where you could ride a traditional bicycle.
  • Dedicated bike lanes and paths.
  • Trails designated as multi-use for cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Ebikes are prohibited on paths designated as only for pedestrians.
  • Check for signs and look up your local bylaws to make sure you comply with the laws.

Do You Need a License to Drive an E-Bike in Ontario?

No. A significant advantage of electric bikes in Ontario is that you do not need a driver’s license, insurance or to register the vehicle. So, ebikes are a particularly accessible transportation option for anyone, including commuters without a driver’s license.

How to Ride an E-bike Safely in Ontario

Ebike accident prevention requires taking specific safety measures. Here are some tips for safe riding of electric bikes in Ontario:

  • Mandatory helmets: Ontario electric bike laws include requiring you to wear a helmet to keep you safe!Use standard hand signals: Others on the road need to know your intentions to avoid accidents and keep you safe. Bike hand signals are an efficient way to communicate with other drivers and pedestrians.
  • Be visible: Others on the road need to see you to do their part to avoid accidents. Your lights and reflective gear are especially important in lower-light conditions like dawn, dusk, and bad weather.
  • Follow the traffic laws: Obey the same rules as the other vehicles. When everyone works from the same rulebook, everyone stays safer.
  • Be aware: Watch out for barriers, other cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles by staying aware of your surroundings at all times.

Benefits of Owning an Ebike in Ontario

There are many reasons electric bikes in Ontario are increasing in popularity. Here are some of the benefits of owning an e-bike here:

  • Mobility: Navigate with ease in traffic and built-up areas.
  • Parking: Finding convenient parking is often at the top of the list for Ontario ebike riders.
  • Eco-friendly: For Canadians looking to reduce their carbon footprint, ebikes are a sustainable choice.
  • Cost-effective: Fuel, public transportation, and parking costs drop significantly.
  • Better health: Riding an e-bike counts as exercise while you commute!
  • Commuting: Avoid traffic jams and really enjoy your trip to work.
  • Longer rides: With the motor assisting your rides, you can travel farther with less effort.


Ontario electric bike laws support this eco-friendly, cost-effective, and practical mode of transportation, with many benefits for riders. Turn your commute into exercise and make parking a breeze with electric bikes for the whole family in Ontario.

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