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Ebikes come in more than one power rating measured in watts. The power rating of an ebike motor affects performance, like range, speed, and the ability to climb hills. Let’s explore how 500W and 750W ebikes differ to help you determine which is right for you.

Understanding Electric Bike Power Ratings

Before making the comparisons, let’s understand what a ‘watt’ stands for when discussing ebikes. Generally, watts (W) are units of power measuring the rate at which something uses or produces energy. In ebikes, watts indicate the power output of the motor.

What are the Differences Between 500W and 750W Ebikes?

A 500 watt electric bike may look just like a 750 watt electric bike. But there are differences in the performance that can and will make a massive difference to your commute or leisure ebike rides. The major differences are:

  • Power and Speed
  • Range & Battery Life
  • Climbing Ability

So, let’s look at these three differences in more detail.

Power and Speed

The power and speed are noticeable differences between 500W and 750W e-bikes. You’ll want more power for heavier riders, especially if you want to travel around that 32 km/h (20mph) national speed limit. A 750 watt electric bike motor provides higher top speeds and better acceleration than a 500 watt electric bike.

Range & Battery Life

The higher-wattage motor offers more power but also drains the battery faster. Since they consume less power, 500 watt electric bikes usually have longer ranges than 750 watt electric bikes. If you want longer rides or use your ebike to commute, a 500 watt electric bike might be the right choice.

Climbing Ability

The hilly terrain is a major concern if you ride in Dartmouth, NS, or Nanaimo, BC. Check your routes wherever you live to see if a 750 watt electric bike might be more suitable with superior climbing ability. Additional power in the 750 watt electric bike motor handles steeper inclines with ease as compared to a 500 watt electric bike motor.


Do you need to lift your ebike into the back of the van or up the stairs? Or will a lighter ebike be easier to handle for you on the road, or off-road? Higher-power motors are heavier, and so is a 750 watt electric bike as compared to a 500 watt electric bike. Consider this weight difference as you choose which ebike is right for you.


Ebikes are generally a very economical transportation option for Canadians. But there is a difference between the costs of 750 watt electric bikes and 500 watt electric bikes. The higher power and enhanced capabilities of the 750W e-bikes mean they are usually more expensive. Consider the additional costs as you decide on the features you need.

500W or 750W Ebikes: How to Choose the Right One

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Consider Your Riding Style and Terrain

The first consideration is always, “Where will you go on your ebike?” If you ride in flat areas and at moderate speeds, you may find a 500 watt electric bike is the right choice. But if you plan higher-speed rides, especially off-road, or need to tackle hills in town, a 750 watt electric bike is likely a better choice.

Evaluate Your Budget

A 500 watt electric bike is cost-effective if you have a limited budget – without compromising essential features. If you can invest more for the extra power and speed, a 750 watt electric bike is often a better choice.

Think About Your Riding Range

Consider the distance you will typically travel. For longer ranges, a 500 watt electric bike is more suitable because of the more efficient battery. If you take shorter, more power-intensive rides, you may need the extra performance capabilities of a 750 watt electric bike.

Check Local Regulations

Check the regulations in your province and city regarding ebike power output to ensure the ebike you choose will comply with all local laws.


Choosing between a 500 watt electric bike and 750 watt electric bike depends on your local regulations, riding habits, and budget. Both ebikes have unique advantages, so evaluate what works best for you and enjoy your rides!

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