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Ebikes offer Canadians an eco-friendly, efficient option for transportation. But how fast can you go on an ebike? Legally… of course. Most ebikes, like cars, are capable of exceeding speed limits, but let’s look at the national and provincial ebike speed limits in Canada.

Understanding Canada’s Ebike Speed Regulations

Canada has specific controlled use and safety regulations regarding how fast an ebike can go legally. These rules help encourage Canadians to enjoy ebiking while maintaining public safety.

National Standards

Nationally, Canada sets standards for ebike speed across the country.

  • Maximum Speed Limit
    The maximum ebike speed limit in Canada is 32 km/h (20 mph) when the electric motor kicks in. Above this speed, the motor cuts off automatically to prevent the bike from going any faster. This way, ebikes are in a separate classification from motorcycles and other motor vehicles, especially in terms of licensing and insurance.
  • Motor Power Output
    Federally, the maximum motor power output for ebikes is 500 watts. This helps to keep ebikes in the same classification as bicycles instead of motorcycles or motorized scooters.

    Safe Riding Practices at Regulated Speeds

    A fast ebike is fun, but it is essential for safety to ride within the ebike speed limit in Canada. In addition to ebike’s speed, here are some ways to stay safe:

    • Wearing a helmet: Always, always, always wear a helmet even if it’s not required by law, no matter how short the ride! A quick trip to 7-11 can be disastrous without the safety gear to protect you in a fall or collision.
    • Following traffic regulations: You’ll need to obey traffic signals, stop signs, and road markings when riding an ebike.
    • Staying visible: If cars can’t see you, you are in danger as a pedestrian, on a bike, on a motorcycle or an ebike. Always use your lights and wear reflective gear, especially at night or when there’s low visibility.
    • Regularly maintaining your ebike: Keeping your ebike in good condition requires regularly checking on the brakes, tires, and battery. Regular maintenance improves safety and extends the life of your ebike.

    Electric Bike Regulations by Province

    Canadian federal standards provide a baseline, but each province chooses their own regulations. Here’s an outline of the ebike speed regulations per province:


    In Alberta, the ebike speed limit is the same as the national standard of 32 km/h (20mph). You must be at least 12 years old to ride an ebike in Alberta, and everyone must wear a helmet at all times.

    British Columbia

    British Columbia also sticks with the 32 km/h (20mph) ebike speed limit and requires a helmet for all ebike riders, but you must be over 16 years old in BC.


    Ontario also follows the national standard with the 32 km/h (20mph) ebike speed limit. You have to be at least 16 years old, but helmets are only required for ebike riders between 16 and 18.


    Manitoba enforces the national 32 km/h (20mph) ebike speed limit, too. You can start riding after your 14th birthday, but everyone must wear a helmet at all times when riding an ebike.

    New Brunswick

    In New Brunswick, the ebike speed limit is the same as the Ottawa-set federal standards at 32 km/h (20mph). The minimum age is 14, and everyone needs to wear a helmet.


    Newfoundland follows the federal guidelines with an ebike speed limit of 32 km/h (20mph). Nfld ebike riders have to be at least 16 years old, and everyone always needs a helmet.

    Nova Scotia

    Nova Scotia maintains the federal standards using the 32 km/h (20mph) speed limit for ebikes. The minimum age is 14, and all riders must wear helmets.

    Prince Edward Island

    PEI also enforces the national standard of 32 km/h (20mph) as the fast ebike speed limit. You have to be at least 16 and always wear a helmet.


    Quebec implements the federal regulations, using the 32 km/h (20mph) ebike speed limit. Riders have to be over 14 years old, and everyone must wear a helmet.


    In Saskatchewan, the ebike speed limit is also 32 km/h (20mph). Ebike riders start at 14 years old, and helmets are always mandatory for every rider at every age.
    Regulations may change, so check the rules where you live frequently.


    Knowing legal ebike speed limits, helmet regulations, and how old you must be to ride in each province in Canada is essential. Enjoy the benefits of a fast ebike while staying safe and following your local regulations.

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