You’d love to bypass the traffic, but you don’t want to tire yourself out by riding your traditional bicycle. So, you naturally wonder about the electric bike laws in Toronto. Many riders find the sustainability and convenience of e-bikes very beneficial in TO.

Let’s look at e-bike laws in Toronto, where you’ll be able to ride, and if the benefits make purchasing an e-bike a good choice for you.

Understanding the Legal Status of eBikes in Toronto

The rules in Toronto are mostly set by the Ontario government, but you’ll need to know some specifics about riding in the city.

Definition of an Electric Bike

An electric bike in Toronto is different from a motorcycle, being more like a traditional bicycle, but e-bike laws in Toronto use this description:

An e-bike has 2 or 3 wheels, handlebars, and pedals that work manually to propel you forward, even without the motor. The electric motor can’t work alone to move the e-bike more than 32km/h (20 mph) and not exceed 500W.

This definition classifies electric bikes in Toronto differently from motor vehicles, like motorcycles, so you can ride on paths and roads like a traditional bicycle.

E-Bike Regulations in Toronto

The provincial regulations set for all of Ontario also apply to Toronto:

You have to be 16 years old and wear a helmet. As for the e-bike, the pedals have to work, and the motor has to cut out when the e-bike reaches 32 km/h (20mph).

Where You Can Legally Ride an E-bike in Toronto

E-bike laws in Toronto say you can’t ride on the sidewalk, and you need to obey the same traffic laws as when you’re riding a traditional bicycle. So, you can ride on multi-use trails, bike lanes and paths, and on any road where you can ride your traditional bicycle.

Never ride on any trail designated as pedestrian-only, and always check for signs.

How to Ride an E-bike Safely in Toronto

Family members wear helmets and show turn signals with their right hands when riding

Toronto can be a bit of a maze on any vehicle (or on foot!), so riding safely is crucial. Help prevent accidents with these safety tips:

  • Be aware: The most important safety tip is to pay attention to your surroundings. Pedestrians, vehicles, barriers and other cyclists influence the safety and enjoyment of every ride.
  • Be visible: Help others on the road be aware of you by using lights and wearing reflective gear, especially early in the day, when it gets dark, in bad weather, and in other low-light situations.
  • Helmet: Obey the law. A helmet is crucial for safety.
  • Obey the rules of the road: Follow the traffic laws.
  • Using bike hand signals: You can effectively communicate with other road users by implementing simple bike hand signals.

Benefits of Owning an Ebike in Toronto

Electric bike riders in Toronto describe numerous advantages, like:

  • Easy parking: Imagine never having to worry about finding a parking spot!
  • Better commutes: Extended range without getting tired makes a great way to commute to and from work in the city. Add exercise to your commute and avoid traffic jams, too!
  • More sustainable: Reduce your carbon footprint while you save on public transportation, fuel, and parking.


Choose an electric bike in Toronto to save time, money, and frustration. The e-bike laws in Toronto make riding enjoyable and safe whether you’re commuting, exploring, or running errands.

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