E-bikes, usually known as electric bikes, have been extremely popular in recent years due to their capacity to offer a more environmentally responsible and economical source of transportation. To encourage the usage of e-bikes, numerous provincial governments across Canada have established incentives and subsidies. By providing financial aid to locals and businesses, these rebate projects hope to promote e-bikes.

British Columbia is making eBikes more affordable by providing income-based refunds on eligible eBikes from authorized merchants like Heybike that range from $350 to $1,400. This program will reportedly provide thousands of British Columbia residents with rebates totaling more than $6 million.

What is BC Electric Bike Rebate Program?

Based on individual income levels, the new program provides residents of British Columbia a rebate when buying a new electric bike (the minimum purchase price of the eBike is $2,000 before taxes). Among the authorized retailers in the BC Electric Bike Rebate Program is Heybike Bikes!

What Bikes Qualify for BC Rebates?

The e-bike must be acquired from participating e-bike retailers and cost more than $2,000 before taxes. But if a discount brings down the bike's price to $2,000 or less, the e-bike will no longer qualify. The program accepts adaptive bikes and trikes (cycles customized to a rider's needs) if they satisfy the requirements.

In British Columbia, electric bikes must adhere to all regulations outlined in the Motor Assisted Cycle Regulation (B.C. Reg. 151/2002). But there are some restrictions. A bicycle that "allows the cycle to be propelled by human power" must have pedals or hand cranks. E-bikes must not have a combustion engine, have a maximum 500 W output, and a maximum assisted speed of 32 km/h.

E-bikes may not be advertised or constructed to resemble electric motorbikes or mopeds. The British Columbia Court of Appeal recently ruled that e-bikes made to look and operate like mopeds do not fit the province's definition of a motor-assisted cycle, leading to the inclusion of the last clause. They are not e-bikes, therefore.

How to Apply for an E-Bike Rebate?

Here are easy four steps to apply for an e-bike rebate:


Find your net income from the prior year:

You must locate your 2021 or 2022 Notice of Assessment, the CRA's (Canada Revenue Agency) record of your income tax return, to start your application. It is crucial to write down this sum because it is a necessary component of the upcoming application form.

Determine your income, find a copy of your NOA, and complete the online application form.

Obtain Approval

Within around two business days, you get your acceptance email.

Purchase an E-bike

Purchase your preferred ebike from Ebike BC and receive thorough documentation and instructions to make the approval process go smoothly. Once authorized, buy your eBike from any authorized dealer. Take note that this program only accepts eBikes with a suggested retail price of over $2000.

Electric Bike Claim

Complete your claim for the rebate by going to Electric Bike Claim - BC E-Bike Rebate Program (bcebikerebates.ca).

The BC Ebike Rebate Program has not mentioned it to purchase an e-bike before approval. It is best to wait until the application has been approved before completing the purchase just to be cautious. If your application is refused and decide to return the product, you might ask the shop about the refund and return policies.

Are E-Bikes Tax-Exempt in BC?

In BC, PST is no longer applied to the majority of bikes. The modification harmonizes the taxation on electric bicycles (and tricycles) with all other bicycles in the province. The modification aims to make bikes more accessible and promote the usage of active transportation options.

How to Get E-bikes Under $2000 with a Rebate in Canada?

British Columbians 19 or older are eligible for incentives when buying an authorized e-bike. The rebate range from $350 to a maximum of $1,400 and is based on the individual's income. There is no need to scrap a car to qualify for a rebate, in contrast to earlier programs.

The British Columbian government is spending more than $6 million on this rebate program, which could save up to 9,000 people money on their e-bike purchases. The Scrap-It Society is overseeing the administration of the rebate program.


Are you prepared to join the ebike revolution and have you been saving to acquire a high-quality electric bike? With a new incentive available to residents of British Columbia, you might be closer to making your purchase than you think.

This rebate program is based on an annual individual income. The provincial refund offers up to $1,400 towards buying a new ebike. The qualified e-bike must have an initial cost of $2,000 before taxes. E-bikes under $2000 are ineligible for rebate.

The E-bike BC Rebate Program allows retailers to participate, and Heybike is prepared to assist you with your new purchase.

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