How to Reset the Electric Bike Controller? Step by Step Guide

The controller is one of an electric bike's most crucial components. It serves as the e-bike's brain and aids in controlling every part of the machine. To have a fantastic experience, you might want to become familiar with the many aspects of the controller if you are an electric bike enthusiast planning to buy a battery-powered bike. You may find all the information you need about electric bike controllers below.

What is an Electric Bike Controller?

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The controller for an electric bike is an essential device that connects the bike's whole electrical system in one location. It serves as the electric bike motor controller and allows you to regulate the motor, battery, throttle, pedal-assist, display, and different sensors’ general operation. Due to their exposure to the climate, controllers typically come in a sealed protective box. Some designs have inside the frame and kept out of sight.

Why Do You Need to Reset an E-bike Controller?

It is frequently required to reset your e-bike controller to resolve systemic issues like error codes or problems with the motor or battery. Resetting can help your e-bike work better if you have changed the controller settings or the ebike controller not working.

If you are confronting issues with a customized configuration, restarting the controller will return it to its default settings. You may ensure that your e-bike performs at its best and gives you a safe and comfortable riding experience by resetting the controller.

Guide to Reset E-bike Controller

Here are some easy steps to reset your bike controller:

Step 1. Turn on your battery and hold the function button for three seconds to access the E-bike control panel.

Step 2. Hold the up and down keys for three seconds to view and edit your default settings.

Step 3. Use the function button in the center to cycle through all the settings. Then, enter the parameter settings while holding the up and down buttons. You will see your current settings displayed on the screen and blinking.

Step 4. Use the function button to process all the P Values after seeing the P1 Value.

Step 5. Press the up and down buttons once more to move to the C values once it stops blinking.

Step 6. After selecting C1, use the function button in the middle to select C5.

Step 7. Use the up and down arrows to change the value of C5 to 1.

Step 8. Press and hold the Function Button for three seconds to save the value; after saving it, return to the home screen and can continue.

Step 9. Navigate to the C10 parameter and select Y to restore the controller to its factory default settings to reset all its features.


Checking the controller should always be your first action if any e-bike component is not functioning. Most of the time controller is to blame for component failure. Troubleshooting an e-bike refers to the methodical approach you handle any issue relating to your e-bike and its components on your own. Here is a detailed explanation of how to accomplish it:

Step 1. To start, you must pinpoint the issue. Is the controller completely silent? Or is it acting abnormally in response? If it is the latter, there might be a wiring issue.

Step 2. Now that the issue has been located, it is time to begin the troubleshooting. Check the fuse first if the controller is not responding at all. Put in a new one if it has blown.

Step 3. A motor issue may exist if the controller is still not responding. If the controller does not work, try unplugging the motor and observing what happens. If it does, the motor is most likely the source of the issue.

Step 4. Check the battery if the controller is still not functioning. Verify the connection and charging are working properly.

Step 5. If none of these fixes work, the controller itself may be the issue. You will need to replace it in this situation.

Step 6. Lastly, do not be afraid to call an expert or take your bike to a shop if you are still having issues.

You can quickly get the controller for your electric bike to function by following these steps.


Resetting an e-bike controller can be a quick and easy step that can resolve various performance concerns. You can reset your e-bike controller and get it back to performing at its best with the instructions in this article.

It is important to remember that if the problem remains even after you reset the controller, it could be a sign of a more serious issue that needs Heybike expert help. Maintaining your e-bike can help avoid problems and guarantee that it performs at its best. You may ride your e-bike safely, effectively, and pleasurably for many years if you take good care of it and follow the given instructions.

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