How to Choose An Electric Bike Motor? Mid-Drive Or Hub-Motor

Every ebike provides you with that recognizable power boost when you need it. That is ultimately what makes bikes beneficial to a broad range of people. Two main categories of assistive motors in the market today:

Hub drive and mid-drive. While they serve the same purpose, their performance, and physical makeup are significantly different.

Type of Sensors

An ebike motor needs a sensor to calculate your pedaling input when to turn on the boost. Torque sensors and cadence sensors are the two most popular methods for doing such.

Torque Sensors  

A torque sensor is a tiny electronic component that resides near the rear axle or in the bottom bracket. The sensor slightly flexes when you push down on the cranks, letting you know how much pressure you are applying. The motor receives that information, which informs it of how much assistance is required.

Cadence Sensors


Like a torque sensor, a cadence sensor tells your motor how much assistance to provide, but it does so by using your cadence data. The cadence, or rate, at which you pedal. Depending on how your bike is arranged, a sensor measures how quickly your wheel or cranks rotate when the magnet or magnets pass by.

What Advantages Of A Mid-Drive Motor?

Many e-bike manufacturers favor mid-drive motors. The following are some benefits of a mid-drive motor:

Simple to handle

Low to the ground and centered on the bike are mid-drive motors. Reducing the center of gravity increases stability and enhances handling by balancing the bike’s loads.

Smooth Ride

The positioning of the engine in the middle establishes a direct connection between the motor and the driving force of the bike, resulting in a smooth ride and less abrupt acceleration.

Extended Range

The best mid-drive electric bike motors have a long range due to their efficiency. Each battery charge will last longer. 

Disadvantages of Ebike Mid-Drive

Although mid-drive motors are effective and provide a comfortable ride, they have disadvantages. Here are a few of their drawbacks:

Difficult to Repair  

Mid-drive motors are more expensive to maintain and more difficult to repair. For instance, this type of bike tends to have a quicker rate of wear and tear on the drivetrain.

Insufficient Derailleur Compatibility

A bicycle gearing system known as a derailleur consists of a chain, sprockets, and a device that shifts the chain between sprockets. A large variety of derailleurs are incompatible with mid-drive motors.

Higher Cost

The cost of maintaining mid-drive motors is higher as well. Additionally, they are more expensive to buy upfront (than hub-drive motors).

What Advantages of An Ebike Hub Motor?

hub motor of heybike explore

Hub motors with direct drives provide a few notable benefits. Here are a few characteristics that contribute to their appeal:


There are less complex moving interconnected elements because the hub is moving to generate torque. It makes it possible for a basic, uncomplicated design.


Maintaining direct-drive hub motors is easy due to their minimal moving parts. They are robust, durable, and require less maintenance than mid-drive motors.


Direct-drive hub motors are less expensive and have lower maintenance expenses. They are a more cost-effective option.

Disadvantages of E-bike Hub-Motor?

Although direct-drive hub motors are reliable and inexpensive, they have limitations. Here are a few of their drawbacks:

Difficult Handling

Clumsy handling in hub motors is often larger and heavier. It increases the weight of the bike overall and can make handling difficult. 


This type of motor can not produce as much torque because it lacks internal gears and instead creates torque by turning the hub. Its inability to turn the e-bike’s wheels leads to a lower speed and general inefficiency.

Slow Aacceleration

The motor’s low torque and lower speed can affect the riding experience. The bike may not accelerate as rapidly, and riders may experience a minor drag when pedaling.

Which is Better Mid-Drive or Hub Motor Ebike?

In general, mid-drive motors are seen to be mechanically superior since they are the most effective, provide a smoother ride, and encourage simple handling. That effectiveness, though, has a cost. Due to their complicated mechanical design, mid-drive motors typically require additional maintenance. They cost more to buy.

Instead of dealing with the inconvenience and expense of a mid-drive motor, cyclists who want a bike for daily use, such as traveling to and from work or exercising, might prefer to choose a hub motor bike.

Finally, consider that selecting an e-bike involves several factors besides the engine type. Also, consider factors like motor power (measured in watts) and range (the time the bike can travel between charges).

Final Thought

Selecting the best electric bike involves more consideration than just choosing the motor! When operating an e-bike, comfort is a must, and the selection of the ideal bike requires investigation.

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