You may know the many advantages of riding an electric bike and how they help you ride more effectively. But if you are unfamiliar with them, you might not know how they operate. We want you to have all the information you need regarding electric bikes, so in this article, we will explain what pedal assist is and how it works.

What is Pedal Assist?

close up view of ebike Pedal Assist on the Heybike 's Mars bike

An electric bike's primary function is pedal assistance. An electric motor activates to boost your pedal force while you ride. Electric bikes have varying degrees of pedal assistance to make cycling considerably simpler. You can select a high level of pedal assistance which makes riding simple. Alternately, you can choose a lower pedal assist level to increase the intensity of your ride, preserve battery life, and increase range.

When you first ride a pedal-assist bike, you will find it a smooth transition if you are used to riding. The primary distinction is that it will accelerate more quickly as the motor smoothly engages. Additionally, you will feel significantly more torque.

Torque sensors vs. Pedal Assist

Ultimately, you should agree on cadence and torque sensors based on your riding style, personal preferences, and requirements. Cadence sensors might be a fantastic option for a consistent and comfortable ride. However, torque sensors would probably be a better option if you prefer a more natural and customized ride that reacts to how hard you pedal.

To determine which electric bike best suits your riding requirements and provides you with the correct level of assistance and control, test out models with both types of sensors.

How does Pedal-Assist Work?

Integrated inside the drivetrain of a pedal-assist bike is a cadence sensor. The sensor tracks each rotation of the pedals when you step on them. Once you have selected your level of assistance, it sends a signal to the electric motor telling it how much help to provide you.

The Benefits of Pedal Assist on E-Bikes?

Pedal assist bikes have a lot of advantages, and they are perfect for many kinds of people.

  • A pedal assist bike is the best investment to ride faster, farther, or easily conquer hills. Additionally, pedal-assist bikes are excellent for granting independence to those with mobility problems.
  • Exercise on pedal-assist bikes is also quite beneficial. You can select the level of effort you wish to put forth with the various pedal assist modes. As a result, you can adjust your rides to match your energy and fitness level.
  • With pedal assistance, you can travel farther before getting fatigued. As a result, you exercise more. Riding an electric bike still gives you a challenging workout; it makes it faster and lasts longer.
  • Additionally, you can explore previously unreachable terrain with the help of your pedal power. You can explore more challenging trails with a mountain bike with pedal assistance.
  • Owners of pedal-assist bikes tend to be more active. They encourage individuals to ride their bikes more because they are much simple. Bike riding is enjoyable and prevents health issues.
  • Pedal-assist bikes are advantageous for commuters as well. Pedaling a pedal-assist e-bike through the city is much faster than driving a car or using the bus.
  • Fewer controls make pedal-assist e-bikes simpler to operate.
  • Pedal-assist e-bikes may go 5–15 miles farther on a single battery.
  • E-bikes with pedal assist are now legal in more locations.

The Drawbacks of Pedal Assist on E-Bikes?

  • It is less accessible. A pedal-assist e-bike requires you to pedal. For people who have knee problems and restricted mobility, this is challenging.
  • Pedal-assist e-bikes are more expensive since they have more costly electrical parts.
  • You will sweat because you have to pedal; it is inevitable.
  • Cadence sensor pedal assistance has the potential to be unresponsive.

What is Throttle?

Some electric bikes come equipped with a throttle, which is often engaged using a handlebar-mounted trigger or button. Other electric bikes accelerate with a grip twist. Without having to pedal, you can ride the bike like a moped or scooter due to the throttle. Although not all electric bikes have a throttle, you may buy both throttle-only and pedal-assist electric bikes.

Which is Better Pedal-assist or Throttle?

In most cases, pedal assist improves the riding experience. The system is simple and more user-friendly. Also, the range is improved. Additionally, more areas now allow pedal-assist e-bikes. The places you can ride are less constrained. A pedal-assist model provides you with more choices when purchasing an e-bike.
E-bikes with throttle controls are also beneficial. Because you do not have to pedal, riding requires less effort. They function well as well. You can accelerate swiftly and accurately manage the motor's power.


Your riding preferences and objectives will determine whether a torque or cadence sensor is preferable for you. You may select the ideal throttle-assist or pedal-assist system for your preferences and needs with an understanding of how various electric bike assists differ. Whether you want a relaxing commute or an exciting adventure, these assists are essential to enhancing the quality of your electric bike ride.

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