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A touring bike must be cozy, simple to use, and incredibly dependable because its ability to transport significant amounts of gear, accessories, and regular luggage using specialized pannier racks and frame bags distinguishes a touring e-bike from other types of e-bikes.

Why Try Electric Bike Touring?

  • E-bikes make cycling up slopes and against headwinds easier.
  • You can finish a long bike tour faster by using an electric bike. With an e-bike, you can travel 70 miles per day if you typically ride 50 miles per day while touring.
  • An e-bike tour is not as exhausting as touring on a regular bike, so you will have more energy for sightseeing when you reach your destination.
  • E-bikes make it possible for people who otherwise could not ride due to specific medical issues or impairments. For instance, people with asthma, knee problems, back or neck issues, etc., can enjoy an e-bike tour.
  • Two cyclists of varying fitness levels can ride together. To match speeds, one can utilize more assistance than the other to go on a long tour.
  • There is less regulation to manage. To ride an e-bike, you do not need a license, permit, or any other paperwork for a long tour.

How to Choose the Best E-Bikes for Touring?

The ideal electric touring bike will include a 250W mid-drive motor with torque sensor pedal assistance and no throttle control, making it suitable for many riders. Most countries allow an e-bike with a 250w engine and pedal assistance to ride. The same rules that apply to other bicycles will apply to this one.

You could get an e-bike with a larger 500w or 750w motor for more energy. A bike with a throttle control is another alternative if you occasionally wish to avoid pedaling. Remember that some nations may not allow an e-bike with a great motor or a throttle. You will not run into any problems if it is legal where you want to tour.

There are a few strategies to save money if your budget is limited. Selecting an e-bike with a hub motor than a mid-drive can help you save money. Torque sensors are an option, but you might choose less expensive cadence sensors. You could save a few hundred bucks in this way.

a girl is riding a big tires Ranger-s ebikes on the beach

Electric mountain, electric gravel, and electric fat bikes are available if you wish to go bikepacking or on off-road bike tours. When touring with an electric folding bike, you can take the bus or train in addition to your bike. You could ride a trike or an electric recumbent bike if you have balance issues.

You may ride an electric road bike if you only want to travel on roads. You may ride an electric tandem bike if you wish to go on a tour with a buddy or special someone. Even now, a few businesses provide specifically designed electric touring bikes.

A model that can carry luggage is what you should look for when selecting an e-bike for touring.The bike's weight capacity should be sufficient to support you and your equipment. Most touring bikes can support up to 300 pounds of weight. That is plenty of time for a typical bike excursion.

Best Tour E-Bikes Bundle Sale in Canada

In general, electric bikes cost more than their non-powered counterparts. Cost increases are passed on to the user because of the additional motor, battery technology, circuitry, and upgraded components needed to handle the extra power.

You may save up to C$800 and have twice as much fun with our bundle sales. HeyBike has compiled the best electric bike sale bundle in Canada. Buy everything you require at once! At an unbeatable price, our bundle sale offers several choices of our best budget electric bike.


Two Ranger fat-tires ebikes are parked near the lake

For tackling anything the path throws at you, Ranger bike boasts fat tires. With adjustable handlebars, seven speeds, and three degrees of pedal assist, this class 2/3, step-through frame, and folding bike lets you personalize your ride and makes climbing hills a snap.


a couple is riding their Heybike fat tires ebikes on the beach

The Mars E-bike is a foldable, electric bike with fat tires, ideal for navigating unfamiliar paths and challenging terrain. It is made to carry you wherever you want to go due to its STP 500W motor, 4" fat tires, and excellent shape.


a girl is riding heybikecityscape ebikes on the road

An electric cruiser bike in the traditional beach cruiser style, the Heybike Cityscape ebike has a comfortable seat, broad handlebars, and a powerful engine. An elegantly constructed electric bike in the beach cruiser style that is perfect for touring. Frame with a step-through for simple mounting and demounting. A strong 36-volt, 10 amp-hour battery pack with a 350-watt motor with pedal assist and throttle modes.


Which touring bike is best for you depends on your particular preferences. Touring bikes are designed to be more durable than road bikes and more comfortable than hybrid bikes. This mixture is ideal for those lengthy, multi-day miles on the road or off the usual path.

Getting 2 electric bikes is now simple! Share this summer bundle sale with your friends and family.

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