Hunters are turning to e-bikes because they can cover more ground in minimum time and with less effort. E-bikes enable outdoor enthusiasts to travel longer and faster. They also have additional riding benefits that make them preferred to other means of transportation.

In this article, we will explain why e-bikes are helpful for hunters and walk you through the process of using an e-bike for this purpose. We will also discuss what attributes, such as powerful motors and fat tires, make for the best hunting e-bikes.

Brawn fat tire ebike in the wild

What are the Benefits of Electric Bikes for Hunting

E-bikes can help you become a better hunter. Here are a few ways e-bikes might enhance your hunting experience:

Save Your Energy

An e-bike allows you to follow the game for miles without tiring. If you are tired of pedaling, the bike's electronic engine can propel you onward.

Expand Your Horizons

E-bikes allow you to cover more ground. They keep you moving without using too much energy. Their fat tires are stable on gravel, dirt, and other uneven surfaces.

Maintain Your Privacy

E-bike materials have no scent, which is advantageous for hunters because unusual odors might scare away animals. They are also fairly quiet. Electric bikes are thus better than ATVs, which are noisy and emit gas fumes.

Get Assistance with Your Equipment

You haul many things as a hunter, from coolers to rifle mounts. Instead of lugging everything on foot, an e-bike makes it easier to transport your belongings.

Enjoy Improved Accessibility

A high-quality e-bike can withstand all weather conditions. Heybike's e-bikes, for example, are waterproof to IPX4 standards. You may go outside in all kinds of weather. Furthermore, your e-bike can assist you in traversing rough terrain such as rocky surfaces and steep hills.

Low Upkeep

E-bikes do not require much maintenance. You can easily carry a repair kit with you for minor maintenance. If your e-bike runs out of charge, refilling the battery is simple. You will not have to wait long to get back to the hunt.

How to Use an Electric Bike for Hunting

There are a few things to consider if you need an e-bike for hunting. Follow the instructions below to make the most of your hunting experience.

Choose the Right E-bike

Hunting electric motorcycles must be able to negotiate rough off-road terrains, travel long distances, be quiet enough not to scare off animals in rural areas, and have adequate luggage room to carry large amounts of stuff. However, when looking for a hunting e-bike, it is critical not to settle with any old e-bike. You should choose an e-bike with a high-quality motor, a good range per single charge, and high-quality components like Heybike Brawn, which has a max payload capacity of 400lb with 750w motor power.

Plan Your Route

Plan your route before you leave. You will need to think about your hunting route and how you will move your e-bike if you need to drive to your destination. If you are hunting in a new place, research to ensure the area you plan to cover allows hunting and enables hunting via e-bike.

Load Your Gear

One advantage of using an e-bike for hunting is that it can assist you in transporting your gear. However, you must ensure that your equipment, particularly any weaponry, is secure. The racks that come with an e-bike can hold the hunting gear. You might also use bungee cords to keep your equipment in place. Too much weight can damage your e-bike's battery and shorten its range.

Follow all Hunting Safety Guidelines

The last thing you want to discover is that your e-bike has run out of charge in the middle of a hunt. We recommend charging your e-bike before you go. Electric bikes charge in about six hours.

Inspect your ebike before riding it, looking for potential technical difficulties and safety hazards. Check the tires are inflated, if you squeeze them and they give readily, they should topped off. You will have a bumpier ride if the tires are excessively flat. Furthermore, low tires might reduce battery life and motor range.
Inflate the tires according to the manufacturer's requirements using a tire pump with a pressure gauge. Electric mountain bike pressure ranges are often lower than road bike pressure ranges. It is best to use a fat tire bike.

Check the brakes next. To ensure the brakes are operating properly, take your e-bike for a quick test ride in a safe area free of traffic and pedestrians. Check all the safety gear for hunting.

What is the Best Type of Motor for Electric Hunting Bikes?

Different types of motors determine the speed and range of electric hunting bicycles.

Mid Drive Motors

Mid-drive motors have a considerably more balanced force that feels more natural. They are in the frame between the pedals. Mid-drive motors are more efficient on inclines since they have higher performance and power than standard hub motors. The mid-drive engine, which drives the crank instead of the wheel, can quadruple the capacity and make greater use of the bike's gears.

Hub Motor

The rear hub is located inside the back wheel. Hub motors push from the back, simulating the power of a motorcycle. E-bikes that do not require mid-capacity drives to climb hills frequently use the hub motor since it is simple and affordable to manufacture, resulting in a less expensive e-bike. They mainly concentrate on physically overwhelming opponents. A broken chain would render the bicycle worthless due to the proximity of the mid-power engine and gearbox. Because the hub is at the back, you can still move the wheel to get back to camp or home if the chain breaks.

All-Wheel Drive

Another solution appears to be the best of all worlds and is rapidly gaining popularity. Imagine a front seat on the wheel in front of you and a rear corner in the back of you. It consists of two motors that work in pairs to generate double the pulling strength. You can climb from the front, the back, or both. Rough and uneven terrain, where both tires are frequently not touching down to gain traction, may be difficult at first, but the ride is great once you get the hang of it.

Ultra Mid-Drive Motor

The best motors you can buy right now are ultra mid-drive motors. Unlike most mid-drives, the Ultra incorporates a torque meter with speed and cadence sensors. For power regulation, the usage of a sensor unit is best. The pedal assist increases as you ride faster. Furthermore, sensors detect when the rider will shift gears, and the device lowers power automatically.

E-bike Regulations and Trail Usage in Canada

The use of e-bikes for hunting in Canada is a topic with varying regulations across provinces and territories. While some jurisdictions allow the use of e-bikes for hunting purposes, others restrict or prohibit it. Always consult with local authorities and hunting organizations to verify that you are fully compliant with the law.

Provincial Regulations

Alberta: E-bikes are allowed for hunting in most areas of Alberta, but there are some restrictions. Class 3 e-bikes are prohibited on designated wilderness trails and in designated wildlife management areas.

British Columbia: E-bikes are generally allowed for hunting in British Columbia, but there are some exceptions. Class 3 e-bikes are prohibited on most trails and roads in provincial parks and recreation areas.

Ontario: E-bikes are allowed for hunting on designated trails in Ontario's Crown Land Use Policy Areas. Class 3 e-bikes are prohibited on most trails and roads in provincial parks and conservation areas.

Quebec: E-bikes are generally allowed for hunting in Quebec, but there are some restrictions. Class 3 e-bikes are prohibited on most trails and roads in provincial parks and wildlife reserves.


For the modern-day hunter, an electric bike is a must-have. Choosing the correct ebike can make an immense difference in the convenience and success of your hunting trip. An electric bike can help you get to your hunt more silently and quickly, making it less taxing and more fun. Riding an electric bike should be enjoyable!

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