Whether you plan to buy an e-bike for the first time or upgrade, you probably have a lot of questions to ask. Should you get a commuter or fat-tire e-bike? What is your budget? And how much power do you need?

Outside of these questions, there is one that perhaps the hardest of all to answer: how far does the average long-range electric bike go in a single charge? This knowledge can help you decide what the average travel distance should be for your next e-bike.

In this article, you will find out how far a long-range electric bike can go and how to increase your electric bike range.

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What Is The Average Range Of An Ebike?

There are many factors that influence the range of an electric bike, which can make it hard to come up with an accurate estimate.

What we can tell you is that the baseline range of an electric bike usually starts at around 40 miles. Of course, this depends greatly on the manufacturer and riding style. But for the average e-bike, 40 miles is a good starting point. with. From there, the range of an e-bike (on a single charge) will climb to about 65 to 70 miles.

Once you reach this point, any extra distance will come from a secondary battery. Either that, or a battery with a much higher capacity (making it more expensive) than your average e-bike battery.

What Affects The Range Of An Electric Bike?

The range of an electric bike is influenced by a wide range of factors. Some of the most common are rider height and weight, battery capacity, frame type, tire size, and the presence of bonus accessories such as a large basket or bike rack pannier bag.

How you use your e-bike is also important. If you operate the e-bike at maximum throttle, then the battery will run out quicker. But, if you are gentle on the throttle and use the pedals more, then the battery will last longer.

How To Estimate Electric Bike Range

The easiest way to estimate the range of an electric bike is to use a simple calculation. The first step is to figure out the battery capacity, which is measured in Watts per hour (Wh).

For the purpose of this calculation, let’s use the Heybike Cityrun electric bike. The Cityrun has a 48 volts (V) 15 amp hours (Ah) battery, and when we multiply the volts by the amp hours (V x Ah) we end up with 720Wh.

Cityrun electric bike

Next, calculate the effective range. To do this, divide the watt hours by the average efficiency number, which refers to the number of watts an e-bike battery uses per hour.

Calculating the average efficiency number without a watt hour meter (an electronic device that, once attached to your e-bike, calculates your watt hours per mile in real time) can be tricky. Based on our experience, though, we can tell you the average 500-750W e-bike (when ridden at 18mph, on mostly flat terrain) will have an average efficiency of around 23 Wh/mi. Therefore, our calculation would be:
720 Wh / 23 Wh/mi = 31 miles

Keep in mind that this number does not represent the maximum range of the Cityrun. But it does give you an idea of what the range could be in a real-world setting.

How To Increase The Range Of An Electric Bike

How you ride your e-bike will influence how far the battery will take you. Therefore, it’s worth knowing how to optimize your riding style. Here are few ways to increase the range of your electric bike.

Choose the right pedal assist level

The pedal assist model lets you adjust how much motor power to apply to the pedals. At Heybike, our electric bikes have a pedal assist range of zero to five, where zero applies no motor power and five applies maximum power.

When riding, adjust the pedal assist to suit the situation. If you are cruising downhill, then set the pedal-assist mode to zero and let gravity do the work. But for climbing steep hills, use pedal assist to make the ascent easier.

Go easy on the throttle

Even if your e-bike doesn’t have pedal assist, it’ll definitely have a throttle. At Heybike, our electric bikes last for about 30 to 45 miles on the pure electric mode.
So, if you wish to increase the range of your e-bike, then ease off the throttle a bit. Use the pedals a bit more to accelerate and maintain speed. This will help you go further and provide a great workout too.

Plan more efficient routes

Are you using the most efficient routes to get from A to B? To optimize your route, look for ways to avoid climbing steep hills and riding over rough terrain. By riding on mostly smooth, flat terrain, you won’t have to rely on the pedal assist and motor as often. Hence, a longer travel distance on a single charge.

Avoid unnecessary weight

When it comes to your e-bike battery life, every kilogram counts. So before you ride, assess your setup. Are you carrying anything you don’t need? Depending on the weather, consider trading in the heavy jacket for a lightweight fit.

Assess the accessories on your e-bike, too. Do you really need a spare battery? If you are only travelling a short distance, then keep the spare at home and save it for those longer weekend trips.

Pump your tires

Low air pressure in your tires can increase rolling resistance. This means that both you and the motor must work harder to travel the same distance. To alleviate this problem, keep your tires pumped. But avoid over-inflating, as this could increase the risk of a puncture.

How To Extend Electric Bike Battery Life

By now, you know how to increase the range of your e-bike battery. But what about the overall lifespan?

On average, a typical e-bike battery will last for about 300 to 500 charge cycles. But there are ways to make them last longer.
To extend your electric bike battery life:

  • Store and charge the battery in a dry, cool place
  • Don’t let the battery sit a near empty (or zero) for long periods
  • Unplug the battery once it’s fully charged
  • Always use the manufacturer-recommended charger
  • Keep the battery free of dirt and other debris
  • Periodically check the battery for signs of damage

Any Questions?

For more information about maintaining your e-bike, visit the Heybike help center. If you’re interested in taking a Heybike for a test ride, use the store locater to find your nearest dealer.

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