You will need to understand how to maintain an electric bike if you are thinking about purchasing one. The best electric bikes can be expensive; to keep yours in peak condition, adhere to a regular program for e-bike maintenance and e-bike battery maintenance.

Are Electric Bikes Hard to Maintain?

An electric bike is simple to maintain, but there are a few rules to follow to keep it in top condition and get the most out of it every time you take a ride. You can maintain your e-bike and get the best performance by using the following advice.

How Often Should You Service Electric Bicycles?

Electric bikes should be serviced at least every 6 months or every 1,000 miles, here are maintenance recommendations.


Chain, gear, brake, and fat tire on the heybike ebike

Chain lubrication is often more frequent on electric bicycles. If you frequently lube the chain with premium oil, your gearbox will run efficiently. It is good to do this after each ride and almost always after washing and drying the bike.


Brakes that do not work make it difficult to slow down and stop safely, which leads to collisions, serious injuries, and even fatalities. Additionally, you put the lives of other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists in danger.
Unlike hydraulic brakes, which are typically more problematic to maintain, mechanical brakes are reasonably easy for the amateur mechanic to handle. The complexity of hydraulic brakes increases the chance that improper e-bike maintenance or repairs will harm your bike.


Keep your drivetrain clean and in good functioning order. If your gears are grinding and skipping all over the place, your battery life and power output are useless. In the long term, it will be more fun and help you get the most out of the bike to ride a bike with a clean, effective drivetrain and correctly adjusted gears.


You should routinely check the tire pressure on your e-bike. In addition to being potentially dangerous, under-inflated tires can waste energy and diminish efficiency, which means you will get less advantage from a battery charge. Additionally, running tires at too high pressure might reduce traction and convenience if riding off-road.


close-up view of heybike e-bike motor

Do not try to disassemble it for maintenance or to try to fix a problem if the motor is in a factory-sealed unit. Visit the place where you bought the bike or take it to a reputed dealer if there is a problem with the motor or system. Some insurance policies for electric bikes provide coverage for battery loss or damage.

Clean Electric Bikes on a Regular Basis

The fundamentals of electric bike maintenance are the same for electric-road, electric hybrid, or electric folding bikes. When riding off-road, whether on an electric mountain bike or an electric gravel bike, proper maintenance, especially of the transmission, is even more crucial because mud and debris may quickly wear down expensive components.

Like any other bicycle, an electric bike requires routine maintenance. Your e-bike will function more smoothly, efficiently, and safely if you clean and take care of it, which can extend the life of the battery and motor.

How to Extend Ebike Battery Lifespan

Charge regularly

After each ride, you should recharge your battery, but after it has fully charged, you should unplug the bike. Never let the battery's charge drop below 20%.

Avoid exposing the battery to extreme temperatures

Extremes of heat and cold reduce battery range, just like they do with anything battery-powered. If you have no choice but to store an electric bike outdoors in the winter, bring the battery inside and charge it there separately. Riding in the cold will not affect an e-bike's battery, though you could notice a shortened range. However, starting a ride with a battery that has been charged and stored in a hot environment at home and then inserted into your bike before leaving is your best choice.

Store battery properly when not in use

Store your electric bike for less than a full charge if you do not ride it for a few weeks or more. Storing a battery at 100 percent charge is harmful to its longevity. Batteries should be between 40 and 80 percent charged.

Avoid fully discharging

Bike makers use the software to prevent battery damage during charging or discharging. However, avoid letting the battery fall below 10% too often. Most electric bikes contain LCD or a battery-level indication so you can keep checks on your usage.

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Keep clean

Although the batteries and associated circuitry are often well-insulated from even heavy rain, do not submerge or clean with high-pressure washers. Take the battery out of the frame, clean the battery box and tray with a moist towel, and let the air dry fully before reassembling. Instead of washing a bicycle with a garden hose, use a sponge and soapy water to avoid damaging the delicate grease seals that retain components (such as bearings) that must remain sealed and well-oiled.


Like any other type of bike, maintaining your electric bike will ensure you can get the most use out of it and may even lengthen the life of some essential parts. Your ebike will keep you beaming from ear to ear if you keep up with some primary maintenance.

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